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a person riding a skate board on a body of water

Answer: Yes, with Koloa Zipline, you can! We provide you with all of the information and equipment you need to safely zip line upside down through Hawaii’s beautiful terrain. If you’re thinking about going zip-lining, you can’t go wrong with Koloa Zipline!

Gear Needed For Upside Down Ziplining

At Koloa Zipline you’ll be strapped into our “Flyin’ Kaua’iian” Harness. This means you’ll be using a harness that’s custom-made for the best ziplining in Kauai, as it’s the most versatile harness in the Industry!

You can always go with the classic position and just hang back and relax, OR you can zip how YOU want to. Not only is it the most versatile, but it’s the safest as well. Our harnesses are fitted to your body, so you’ll be locked in tight and secure. Even secure enough to go upside down!

Our harnesses are paired with a custom pulley. And this pulley doesn’t mess around. It’s important because they’re made to take on our ⅝” steel zipline cable. We’ve attached handles so you can always grab one if you want to.

That’s one of the many positives to our experience; you get to do it your way. Whether that means zip lining the old-fashioned way and letting that fresh air rush past you as you soak it all in, going upside down or backward while spinning your heart out. At Koloa Zipline, it’s all about you. The only negative is that you won’t want to stop!

Short List of Exceptions

For your safety, no one with back problems, recent surgeries, bone, and joint problems, or heart conditions should be ziplining. The tour is not wheelchair accessible. Also, if you’re pregnant, it is not safe to zipline. Come back when your kiddo can come with you! Ziplining is the perfect family-friendly activity!

Max Weight: 280 lbs. Lighter guests will be paired with another zipper when necessary.

Other Zipline Forms

With Koloa Zipline, anyone can become an acrobat! There’s a variety of ways you can experience what we have to offer, and you won’t be able to choose what to do first. Now that I’ve already mentioned the classic position, it’s time to learn more.

There is our original style, the “Flyin’ Kaua’iian,” where your stomach faces the ground and is parallel to the zipline. Become your favorite superhero, and you really will feel like you’re flying.

Next is the “Coffee Table”; you’re parallel to the zip line again, but this time you’re facing the sky! Who likes planking? Get your workout in on your vacation too!

Try going hands-free, and you’ll be levitating right over Kauai. Enjoy the view! You can also enjoy the view by going forwards or backward; just let us know!

And don’t forget, spinning upside down is always an option!

Dress for Safety and Comfort

Koloa Zipline will provide a helmet to all guests. We recommend a hat with a brim that won’t fall off – you can wear it under the helmet and still keep the sun out of your eyes. You don’t want to miss the breathtaking views because you can’t see them!

Sunglasses are okay, but remember you’ll probably take advantage of our harnesses and zip them upside down. They can and will fall off if they’re not strapped to your head.

Some vacationers show up in only a bathing suit, which seems great for those hot days. However, our weather can change on a dime. If it rains and you get wet and stay wet, you will get cold. Make sure to bring a T-Shirt or a lightweight jacket, just in case!

There are downfalls of wearing bathing suits, short shorts, OR shorts that are too loose. If you’re wearing either of these, the harness could be uncomfortable and cause chaffing. If you’re wearing baggy shorts, they usually ride up with the harness then you spend valuable acrobatic time adjusting – a lot.

We recommend light pants or biker shorts or any shorts that are long enough to go under the harness and tight enough to stay under the harness.

Lastly, closed-toed shoes you don’t mind getting wet or dirty are a great option. There’s the famous Kauai red dirt everywhere, and it will not come out! Water shoes and closed-toed sandals with straps are permitted, but we don’t recommend them.

Come Zipline Upside-down with Koloa Zipline

And the best part is that all these moves, including ziplining upside down, are completely safe. Can you imagine ziplining over Kauai and not having a single worry? Book your tour with Koloa Zipline, and you won’t have to imagine! We can’t wait to have you join us. Call now at (808) 742-2734, or email us at to learn more!