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Zipline Gear & Zipline Safety


Koloa Zipline’s custom-made “Flyin’ Kaua’iian” zipline harness is the most versatile zipline harness in the industry. You get to zip while kicking back in the standard ziplining position, or we can clip you in from behind and you can fly through the air like your favorite superhero. This zipline harness keeps you snug and secure even if you choose to zip upside down.

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Zip Aerobatics - The Flyin' Kaua'iian


Nothing says safety like a helmet on your noggin’. Clipped on securely, these helmets will do the job in the face of most anything we encounter, up to and including haphazard tropic birds. 


Our pulleys may look big, but that’s because they are big. we needed a large pulley to handle our giant 5/8” steel zipline cable. We also added handles to our pulleys so you can hold on in comfort instead of spinning wildly out of control, but if spinning is your thing, we will show you how to do it right.

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