Dress for Fun!

1. Helmet

We supply the Helmet to protect your noggin. Wearing a ballcap under the helmet helps keep the sun off your face too (you supply the ball cap)

2. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are approved just make sure they are strapped to your head for upside down hijinks.

3. T-shirt/Jacket

T-shirt and/or lightweight jacket. Be prepared for wind and occasional showers.

4. Sunscreen/Bug Spray

We highly recommend sunscreen when it’s sunny and bug spray when its cloudy.

5. Long Shorts

Long shorts or light pants. Shorts should be long enough to go under the harness (mid-thigh and longer is best). Ladies: short shorts aren’t the best idea...(chafing) Gentlemen, those athletic/basketball shorts can creep up...making it... awkward.

6. Closed Toe Shoes

Sturdy, comfortable closed-toe shoes you don't mind getting wet or dirty. Gotta love that Kauai red dirt! While Crocs and watersocks are technically "closed-toe shoes" they are not advisable, but acceptable.

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