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Ziplining is a completely new experience! If you have not tried ziplining yet, you are in for a treat – it’s about as close as you can get to the gift of flight! And there is no better place to have your first zipline experience than in Kauai. With rugged mountains, beautiful forests, and breathtaking ocean views, zipping with Koloa Zipline will absolutely be an unforgettable experience.

If you have never tried ziplining before, you may have some questions about what to expect on your first zipline adventure here in Hawaii. Read on for what to expect, items to bring, and our tips to make sure your first zipline adventure is the first of many great zipping experiences.

What to Expect on Your Zipline Adventure

For those who have never ziplined before, here’s a quick overview of what takes place on your adventure. You will arrive with your party 30 minutes prior to your zip time to our location in Koloa on Kauai. Our staff will greet you and get you fitted for all the gear you will need during the adventure, including your helmet and harness (more on this later!)

You will receive a safety briefing and instructions, as well as basic zipline training at our Ground School. This helps you understand the basics of zipping before you actually hit the course, so you can make the most of your time in the air.

Next, time to fly! Your party will enjoy eight incredible zip lines, including the longest zipline on the island, a ½ mile zip at the end! There is light hiking between the ziplines, and light snacks and water are provided.

The Harness

Our harness is one of the most exciting parts for many guests. Koloa Zipline is the only zipline on the island to offer the custom full torso Flyin’ Kaua’ian harness, which allow our guests to zip in any position they want. This may be traditional, with the harness hanging you by your chest so you are in a semi-reclined seated position, or backward, upside down, headfirst (think Superman style!), or really any other position you can imagine. Creativity encouraged!

What to Bring

  • Shirts – we recommend t-shirts or lightweight long-sleeved shirts. Our harnesses are full-body, with straps underarms and across the backs. Tank tops may cause some chaffing, as the harness is directly on the skin.
  • Shorts/Pants – The harness also fits around your hips and upper legs, so we also recommend longer shorts or pants to avoid chaffing. Keep in mind thin, lightweight athletic shorts may creep up, giving way to chaffing, so choose something that will keep you covered as you move.
  • Footwear – We do require closed-toed shoes, which can include tennis shoes, hiking shoes, or water socks, so long as your toes are covered.
  • Camera – Oh yeah, you’re going to want to capture this! Feel free to bring a camera, but remember it needs to be strapped down as you zip to avoid losing it in the jungle.
  • Sun protection – Our ziplines are all outdoors through the jungle, with some lines exposed to direct sunlight, so we encourage our guests to wear sunscreen. Guests can also bring snug-fitting sunglasses or hats (we recommend ball caps, as they fit best beneath the helmets.)
  • Bug spray – Yes, we’re in the jungle, and yes, there may be mosquitoes, especially on overcast days or if it has recently rained.

Forget something? Don’t worry – our gift shop is stocked with supplies, shades, clothing, and even footwear to ensure max comfort for our guests.

Get Ready to Fly?

That’s a quick overview of what to expect on your first zipline adventure with Koloa Zipline. More questions, or ready to book your adventure? Please contact our team today! We’re excited to fly with you.