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Short answer: Yes.

Are you considering a ziplining trip? Are you new to ziplining? If so, you may be a little wary of things like safety, for starters. It is an adrenaline pumping adventure after all. In this blog post, we’re going to tell you all the facts about safety procedures Koloa Zipline takes, specifically, weight limits.

Zipline Weight Limits

If you are wondering how a zipline, which appears to be a thin line, can hold one or multiple grown adults, don’t be alarmed. Our zip lines are heavy-duty with set and tested weight limits for your safety. This applies to both single ziplines or tandem zip lining, where two zippers are strapped to the same pulley.

There are weight limits but don’t let that worry you. Our max weight for one pulley is 280lbs. As long as guests are under that weight limit, it is safe for them to zipline. Also, if you’d like to zip with a friend or family member, as long as the two of you combined are below 280 lbs you’ll be good to go!

Our huge industrial style pulleys are no joke! They’re strong enough to hold one or two people and they’re built to glide perfectly across our ⅝” steel zipline cable. Not only are our zipline cables and pulleys top notch, but so are our “Flyin’ Kauaian” harnesses! They’re equipped to secure any sized guest within the limitations AND allow the guest to zipping anyway they want: backward, upside down, across the sky like a superhero, you name it.

A problem we run into more than someone exceeding the weight limit is the guest not weighing enough! That means there isn’t quite enough momentum to get the zipline going. But there’s a solution to that as well! If a zipper does not weigh enough to meet its full adventure potential, we’ll simply pair them with another family member OR one of our staff would be more than happy to zip with them and provide the extra weight! This is likely to apply to any children in your party, as they can zip as early as seven years old as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Other Safety Precautions

Now that we talked about weight limits, let’s talk about other safety requirements here at Koloa Zipline.

For example DON’T zipline if:

  • You’re pregnant
  • You’re intoxicated
  • You have back problems, recent surgeries, bone/joint problems

If you’ve checked all your boxes here and fit within the restrictions and weight limit, the next thing is to just come prepared. Koloa Zipline provides all their guests with helmets, but some other things to consider would be wearing closed toed shoes, bringing sunglasses with a strap so they don’t fall off while you’re zipping, wearing pants or biker shorts in order to prevent chafing and DON’T forget bug spray and sunscreen. Also, leave anything that can’t get damaged or dirty behind!

Come Ziplining With Koloa Zipline!

Now that you know about zip line weight limits, gear, and other safety restrictions, you’re ready for your once in a lifetime Kauai adventure! Book your zipline tour today!