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Have you ever seen someone zip lining and thought to yourself that you might never be able to do that, but you might if you had someone else right there to cheer you on? At Koloa Zipline, that’s possible!

Kauai is known for its zip lining in general, but the most underrated part is the Tandem Zipline. At Koloa Zipline, you can enjoy this adventure right alongside your closest friends and family and much more.

What Is Tandem Zip Lining?

Tandem Zip Lining is when you have two riders strapped to one pulley. At Koloa Zipline, our custom pulleys are made to handle two people. You’ll know what I mean as soon as you see how big they are!

One rider will strap in directly behind the other, which is beneficial in many different ways. A lot of people will feel more comfortable ziplining with their family members, friends, or even a Koloa Zipline guide going with them. Whatever way you want it, we will make your tandem zipline adventure a blast.

Some lighter-weight guests won’t weigh enough to go on their own, so they’re able to either zip with a guide or two siblings can ride together. The whole family will be able to participate no matter what.

About The Course

Koloa Zipline is Kauai’s longest zipline course featuring three of the longest lines on the island, including the Waita line which is a half-mile long. The course consists of 8 lines and lasts roughly four hours. For the guests who were always meant to be an acrobat, our custom full-body harness allows upside down, superman, and backward!

The eight-line course gives you a wide variety of views, anywhere from soaring through the jungle to levitating across the water. Our location in Kauai is full of history and culture where you’ll be zipping right through the middle of it.

Why You Should Go Ziplining

Going zip lining is a great way to spice your trip up, and on top of that, it will be a bonding experience that you and your loved ones will never forget. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a stress-free adventure with family and friends? You’ll never be able to forget soaring through the landscape of Kauai with Koloa Zipline.

How To Prepare

We will do a lot of the preparation for you. When you arrive, you and your whole family will go through what we call “ground school.” This is where we show you how to zipline on the ground and in a controlled environment so you’ll feel prepared while you’re up there.

Don’t forget to wear long shorts (that aren’t basketball shorts) or pants. You’ll need close-toed shoes as well. Bathing suits are great for the heat, but the harness could be uncomfortable on your bare skin. We recommend at least a T-shirt as well or a light jacket. It can be cold if it rains. But we zip rain or shine, so you’ll want to be prepared for any conditions.

Join Us With Your Family and Friends for Some Tandem Zip Lining!

Enjoy all of what Kauai has to offer. There is nothing like the fresh air against your face while you’re zipping from one platform to another. Check out our tours and get your vacation planned!