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a man jumping in the air

Ziplining has become a growing attraction for adventure seekers and outdoor lovers alike. Strap into a harness and hook to a suspended cable as you go soaring over treetops or above mountain views. It is one of the best ways to get outside and see a new area – after all, you do have the best view! But in addition to being a fun tourist activity in Hawaii, did you know that ziplining also has several health benefits? Ziplining is a great way to get outdoors, reduce stress and increase your self-esteem. Learn more about some of our favorite ziplining health benefits below.

Gets you outdoors

Whether you are visiting Hawaii for the first time or you are a resident of our beautiful island, there’s no denying that life is better outdoors here. Fresh air and sunshine can do wonders for health, and we have those in abundance!

Reduce stress

Stress can build up over time, taking a toll on physical and mental health. Whether you are experiencing stress related to work or personal issues, it is important to find regular, healthy ways to release it. Ziplining is a great way to release stress by engaging in an activity that gets your body moving, adrenaline pumping, and gets you out of your comfort zone. Conquering the zipline course will help you feel accomplished and fulfilled, which, in turn, will help alleviate stress and help you handle it better.

Burns calories

While ziplining may not burn the same calories as running a marathon, it is a full- workout! The course includes hikes, climbing stairs, and full-body muscle engagement while you fly through the air. And, if you decide to try our Flyin’ Kaua’iian harness that lets you fly face first, like Superman, you’ll be flexing those abs to keep your head and legs lifted. Who knew working out could be so fun?!

Increase self-esteem

New to zipping? You will feel a huge sense of accomplishment once you’ve tried something new and found how much you enjoy it. It can be an amazing self-esteem boost to gather your courage to fly down the mountain. Afterward, when you look back at what you have done, you will feel pride in what you have done. Think of ziplining as a great metaphor for flying through life’s hurdles!

Takes you outside your comfort zone

Ziplining can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but naturally, first-timers have some hesitation about the heights or speed. Facing these fears and trying a fun new adventure anyway helps get you outside your comfort zone. Ziplining naturally will instill a sense of adventure that will likely prompt you to try other similar activities, of which there are plenty of choices here in Hawaii! This curiosity and determination are important to get outside your comfort zone and continually broaden your horizons.

Health factors to consider with ziplining

Like with any adventure activity, there are some health factors to consider with ziplining. We do not recommend zipping for people with back problems, recent surgeries, bone or joint problems, or heart conditions. Additionally, people who are pregnant are not allowed. The maximum weight is 280 lbs.; lighter guests will be paired with another zipper when necessary for safety. The minimum age to participate is 7 years old, and any participant under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Booking your zipline adventure

Are you ready to book your zipline adventure? Contact the team at Koloa Zipline or book online today to reserve your place and get flying!