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When thinking of ziplining, many people assume it is a solo activity. After all, it is one person, strapped to a harness, flying through the air. However, many people are surprised to learn that ziplining can be the perfect group activity.

There is a lot of bonding time for a group while on a zip line tour with Koloa Zipline, be it trying on harnesses, hiking to the next zip line, or waiting on the platform, watching your friends soar through the air. And of course, everyone will be buzzing at the end, talking about who did what tricks (like flying “Superman” style or upside down in our special harnesses!)

If you are looking for a unique way to bond as a family or a fun team-building activity for your corporate event, consider ziplining with Koloa Zipline. The beautiful Hawaii forests are the perfect backdrop, and there are tons of ways that your family or team can bond, build skills and get healthy while having a blast. Here are some of the top reasons why ziplining with Koloa Zipline is the perfect group activity.

Opportunity to provide encouragement

While some members of your group may be excited about the opportunity to take to the skies and fly through the air, some may be nervous about the expedition. Members of the team may be nervous about the heights, speed, or other factors while ziplining. These nerves provide a fantastic opportunity for your group to bond. Members will naturally encourage the more timid group members, or cheer on those who are willing to zip headfirst!

Builds confidence as individuals and as a group

As those who are more nervous start to feel more comfortable in the air, they will feel more confident in themselves. This, in turn, will boost the confidence of the group overall.

Learn more about each other

Chances are, your team does not know much about each other outside of the workplace or their usual setting. However, getting everyone into a new environment can help bring people out of their shells and change the conversations. Even just during the orientation discussion, group members will start to open up about their excitement, nerves, or ideas about ziplining. The simple act of getting people out of their normal environment – for instance, getting everyone out of the office and into the treetops – can provide a new avenue for people to talk and get to know each other. Once on the zipline course, your team will start to get to know each other’s strengths, weaknesses, fears, and passions.

Creates a common goal

If everyone is working toward the same thing, it helps unify the group to create a common goal. In this case, everyone will be having fun while learning a new skill – ziplining – so they will associate positive feelings with working together toward their goal. These positive associations will carry back over to the workplace or other gatherings when you all need to work together again.

Identifies leadership qualities

One of the main reasons companies host team-building activities is to help identify leadership qualities in their employees or team members. But instead of sticking everyone in a dingy conference room to try to solve a puzzle, take the team to the skies ziplining. Team members will naturally fall into problem-solving mode. You will see some team members naturally step up to be leaders, some serving as cheerleaders or others documenting the process.

Build stronger relationships

It is a proven fact that people who experience new things together build stronger bonds. In a situation like ziplining, the interactions are not forced and people can be themselves while tackling a new challenge and learning something new. Team members will have a positive experience, and will build positive associations with their fellow team members that will long outlast the day on the zipline course.

If you are looking for the perfect activity for your cooperate retreat, family vacation, or even bridal party getaway, look no further than a ziplining excursion. Ziplining is the perfect group activity because it helps build strong relationships, build confidence, and helps your group learn more about each other.

Enjoy Time With Your Group at Koloa Zipline!

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