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a sunset over some water

The short answer is—yes.  Hawaii is notorious for burning visitors on their day trip adventures because even with a high UV index most hours of the day, people are deceived by the frequent cloud coverage and ocean breeze.  In other words, if they’re not overheating they don’t think their skin is burning.  This makes ziplining especially deceptive because when people are flying through the air feeling the cool rush of tropical air around them, the last thing on their mind is a sunburn.  Thus, if you’re planning on ziplining in Kauai, you need to be aware of the importance of sunscreen. Koloa Zipline takes your safety seriously, and that’s why we always recommend using sunscreen while ziplining with us.

The Importance Of Sunscreen When Ziplining

It comes down to two things: the longevity of your skin’s health and enjoyment of your vacation.  Any prolonged exposure in the sun, especially the closer you are to the equator, is going to cause some degree of sun damage even with sunscreen on.  So, even if you don’t burn easily, it’s still important to use sunscreen while doing any fun activities in Kauai.  The other reason is that getting a bad sunburn is a quick way to ruin your vacation.  Almost every activity in Hawaii is going to be outdoors, so if you get burned on the first day of your trip, you are not going to be comfortable doing most things your family and friends want to do, like putting on a zipline harness that holds snuggly around your body.

If you aren’t familiar with the signs of a sunburn or you’ve never been in a tropical climate before. Read on for some signs and symptoms.   The redding of your skin is the first clear indication of sunburn.  This may seem obvious but many people can’t tell if their skin is turning red in certain spots due to the bright lighting of the day and/or if they have a darker skin complexion.  Another test people often do is feeling how hot to the touch their skin is, but again this is also hard to detect because a person’s entire body temperature will be raised from being in the sun, making all their skin feel hotter.  The best way to tell is if you can get into some shade and assess yourself for any discoloration.  If you don’t have fair skin, feel for any overly sensitive/itchy skin that feels like it’s getting the most exposure to the sun.  If you find redness, itchiness, or extra hotness of skin, those are all signs that you’ve been exposed to too much sun and need to take steps to protect yourself. Sunscreen can help prevent burning from happening but if your skin is already burned, getting into some shade as soon as possible is well advised to avoid further damage such as blisters or sun poisoning.

While our ziplines go through some shaded jungle areas, there will be times when you will be above the treeline, in direct sun exposure. That’s why we highly recommend using sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

Coral Reef Safe Sunscreen

If you are planning on going into the ocean after your zipline tour, please make sure the sunscreen you use is coral reef safe. Many sunscreens contain chemicals that are harmful to coral reefs and we want to make sure these chemicals don’t get into the ocean.

If you have any questions about if your sunscreen is coral reef safe, please don’t hesitate to ask your Koloa Zipline tour guide, we are happy to help you make sure your sunscreen is coral reef safe.

Bug Repellent Is Also Recommended

There can be mosquitoes and other bugs in the jungle. While mosquitoes shy away from the direct sunlight, they can be out during cloudy days or in shady areas. That’s why we also recommend using bug repellent, especially if you’re going to be ziplining during the early morning or evening hours.

Putting on sunscreen and using bug repellent are two easy ways to help make sure your ziplining experience is safe and enjoyable.

An Enjoyable Zipline Adventure with Koloa Zipline

Koloa Zipline is committed to providing our guests with an enjoyable experience. That’s why we recommend using sunscreen and bug repellent while ziplining. It’s the best way to protect yourself from the sun and bugs so you can enjoy your time on Kauai.