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We all know Hawaii is one of the most sought-after honeymoon destinations. The beaches, the views, that paradise feeling, that we want to share with our spouse.

A honeymoon in paradise is a once in a lifetime experience! There’s so much to do and experience, so read on to learn about the adventures in Hawaii you don’t want to miss!

Snorkeling and Swimming

Hawaii has world-renowned beaches and a wide variety to choose from. There are bay beaches with calm waters that are ideal for relaxing and swimming, as well as coastline beaches with huge waves, just in case surfing is on your bucket list! Either way, the majority of the beaches are untouched by development and a great place to explore.

The surrounding waters are rich with sea life and you and your significant other have the chance to swim with turtles, manta rays, and much more. The best part is, that you can go snorkeling year-round in Hawaii, so whenever you decide to go on your honeymoon, it will always be an option!

Even better – there are a few different businesses that offer some more adventurous tours. You could go night diving with manta rays, do a shark dive, or head out for a sunset snorkeling tour. Whatever you decide on, there is more than enough to explore in the waters of Hawaii.

Hiking and Sightseeing

When it comes to hiking and sightseeing, Hawaii does not disappoint. It has a wide variety of natural attractions that you can’t get all in one place anywhere else! From mountains to waterfalls, they’re all available to you depending on what kind of adventure you’re looking for.

There are volcanic landscapes, tropical jungles, and lots of interesting wildlife. Every one of the Hawaiian islands has beautiful views and similar terrain, so wherever you decide to travel just know there is no shortage of breathtaking hikes and vistas to explore.

Hawaii is also rich in volcanic activity. Don’t miss taking a trip to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, on the main island. It is home to two volcanoes, Mauna Loa, the world’s largest shield volcano, and Kilauea, which is amongst the most active volcanoes on earth!

Helicopter, Boat, and ATV Tours

There are tons of different ways to explore Hawaii, like guided tours. You can take a Helicopter tour over Kauai and get the best views of the Waimea Canyon, the Na Pali Coast, and the waterfalls of the Waialeale Crater. There are also numerous boat tours that allow you to explore some inaccessible parts of the island. Depending on what you’re looking for these boat tours will take you out for snorkeling, whale watching, or just simply sightseeing.

Another favorite is Hawaii’s ATV tours. Businesses such as Kauai ATV can take you to the historic Koloa Sugar mill or around the Waita Reservoir on the island of Kauai. Get muddy and enjoy the scenery and vast wildlife. Be sure to take advantage of the tours because no matter what Island you’re on there are parts that are inaccessible by car. Don’t miss out!

Luau’s and Local Events

One thing you have to experience with your loved one during your honeymoon in Hawaii is, of course, a Luau! A luau is a traditional Hawaiin and Polynesian celebration. There’s live music and engaging cultural performances. Hawaiian natives have been throwing luaus for over 200 years, so it’s safe to say they know how to celebrate.

This special event has traditional Hawaiin cuisine, dancing, and outdoor activities. The food you can enjoy throughout Hawaii and during these events are pig, salmon, taro corms, and coconut milk-based desserts!

If a Luau doesn’t sound right for you Hawaii is home to a ton of fun bars, restaurants, and venues that host events. All you have to do is ask around and read the local papers to find out what sounds right for you and your significant other.

Other Fun Adventures

There’s so much to do on the Hawaiian islands that it’s hard to fit it all into one place.

  1. Of course, we highly recommend you put ziplining on your list of fun adventures. We at Koloa Zipline offer great deals and a great location for ziplining on Kauai. If you find yourself on the island of Kauai, be sure to check us out
  2. If you and your significant other are really adventurous, try some skydiving. You’re already in a beautiful place, might as well see all of it in the sky!
  3. Surfing is a really fun activity, even if you’re brand new. Rent a surfboard and learn yourself, or maybe take a lesson. Regardless of what you choose it’ll be a fun time.

Enough Planning, More Booking

Now that you know of some fantastic adventurous activities to do in Hawaii on your honeymoon, you’re ready to start booking your fun. Pick the ideas that sound fun and go for it! You won’t be disappointed.

If a zipline tour sounded fun to you and you are planning on staying in Kauai – be sure to reach out with any questions about your trip! Our staff is more than happy to help you have a great time on your honeymoon. Thank you for reading!